Hi! I am Blythe, and I am the face and creative mind behind Blythe Win Creative. I am so thankful that you are here!

What began as a dream has now turned into a full-blown business that has taught me so many great lessons and has allowed me to flex my most creative of muscles. After almost three years in business (WOW, time flies!) I can say that through the numerous changes, triumphs, hardships, and growing pains, one thing remains: my love and passion for helping other small business owners elevate their brand's social life! 

My dreams of starting this business can be traced back to my time in college at Louisiana State University (Geaux Tigers!) where I was pursuing a marketing degree. All it took was one Digital Marketing class (paired with a great professor) to plant the seed that eventually bloomed into what is now Blythe Win Creative. 

I now have the privilege of working alongside so many amazing business owners in multiple industries - some that I was familiar with and some that I was not. But, diving into new industries and learning how to tailor my approach for each one has been a rewarding skill that I have enjoyed acquiring! 

An integral part of my business (and something I am so proud of) is the relationships I have built over the course of three years - relationships with clients, other like-minded individuals, and even aspiring creatives seeking advice and encouragement. In my opinion, it is crucial to cultivate trust, loyalty, and reliability with my clients. I pride myself on treating each of my client's businesses as if it were my own, because I know how much precious time and hard work goes into founding and running a successful business. 

Whether you find yourself struggling to stay consistent with posting, or just simply do not have the time to dedicate to social media marketing, I am here for you and am ready to help when you are! 

Founder & Social Media Manager

Blythe Thompson Dixon